pastels Maryvonne Saunier

Painting has always been my world. Today as yesterday I am immersed in the world of painters and paintings.

After graduating from the Ecole du Louvre (Paris, France) in 1981, I enrolled in a painting restoration institute and have devoted myself to this activity ever since.
I am a member of the Chambre des Métiers de Paris, the state bord of professionals, between January 1989 and January 2009.*

In addition, I have always practiced oil painting for my personal pleasure. Only a few years ago I discovered how much color pencils allow me to express different lights and atmospheres. This discovery naturally led me to the use of pastels as a more pure and spontaneous medium to express both the power of oil and the purity of color pencil.
I thus feel more in harmony with my painting universe in which I have always sought to suggest rather than describe, and to develop the relationship between color masses and light, rather than focusing on details.

My works were personal, this website gives me the opportunity to share them with you.

I wish you an enjoyable visit.

* : Official Directory of Art Professions in France